Christmas Wreath DIY

I recently posted my DIY wreath and I got a lot of crap because I said “reef” I’m pretty good at typos- I was so excited I didn’t even noticed my mistake, whoops! 😉

I also got a lot of message on how I did that in 20 minutes and also how it only cost my about 7 dollars to make.

I originally found two different WREATHS I liked and ended up going with the easiest- even though I may seem crafty I’m not that great at it and I take as many short cuts as I can. Just being honest!

The first wreath I was going to do was a peppermint candy wreath which I got from this site:

I still wouldn’t mind trying that one but it seems timing consuming. If you do it let me know how that goes! Haha.

So I stuck with:

Followed every step and I actually did go to the dollar store and loaded up on Christmas ball ornaments-in colors I wanted to use. My suggestion is using a hot glue gun when you’re done so that the balls do stay in place. Also do mix the tiny balls with the big it gave it a fuller look. I also used a pre made ribbon instead of making my own-it was easier and still covered the hanger!

Good luck friends! Who would of thought a wire hanger could come in handy ehhhh 😉





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