Welcome dolls!

Soooo…ive been procrasting on wanting to start a blog for years now.

I finally bit the bullet and said, screw it im doing it even if its not the prettiest of blog- YET. Baby steps, right? 😉

I want to talk ALL things, im a chatter box as it is so why not write it. Im real and tend to be a bit unfiltered with my thoughts, I’m just me! I love learning new things and sharing it with eveyone; whether it be crafts, advice, skin care remides, mom stuff, a little vent sesh here and there or food ideas and tips (healthy and not) Id also like YOUR question on things that I may be able to help you with!

I hope you enjoy my little journey!

Attached is a “contact form” so that you can send me any topics we can discuss!




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