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Terrible two’s

When you become a parent you’re not really sure what to expect- you hear a lot of this and that; don’t swaddle a baby don’t give them a pacifier. Don’t do this- don’t do that. Yes, you get MANY different opinions on what’s right or wrong. One thing you don’t get many warnings on is the TERRIBLE TWOS (dundundunnnnnn) you will mostly hear this- “oh just wait till they turn two, just you wait.” I laugh now because I can totally understand. I would love to share some of my adventures so far with my two year old.

I feel I have done pretty good at being a mother. My son, Asher, has taught me patience and how to truly love (as many parents would agree.)

I don’t know if it’s true or not but BOYS ARE WILD. Holy cow (not to say there are not wild little female toddlers too) Asher just turned two and this guy-he is on a whole new level of crazy. Now I’m learning a NEW kind of patience. It starts with the tantrums, the constant “no’s”, never wanting to eat, never wanting to listening, taking off into the middle of the road full speed, jumping off HIGH surfaces, then you have the people who judge you (usually ones that aren’t parents but not always you have the jerk parents too that just think their kids are angels- all I have to say to them is: just wait), the restaurant nitemares….lets get real the list goes on and on and on.

Well! Welcome to my world terrible twos! You’re exhausting and half the time I feel like I’m fighting with an adult-now that he can semi talk back to me. Disciple is hard- time outs ehhhh they really don’t work for Asher he just thinks its funny. Spanking- I’ve done it. Not hard which is my problem I just can’t do it. Time to start reading some disciple books. Today alone I fought with him to nap for two hours straight- battling back and fourth yes-no-yes-noooooooo ( him screaming so loud)

In the end, I still love this guy. It’s ok he throws things at me every day smashes trucks, breaks things and laughs, bites, pulls my hair and just is plain mean sometimes. He is a toddler, a two year old but he also loves harder than any other person I know. He is smart, wise, active, healthy, hilarious, charming and fun! So screw it, ill deal with all that comes with him! At the end of the day I’m blessed to have a healthy happy toddler boy!

Xo- Marisa

I won- 😉