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Winter brings on the dry skin

Here in Phoenix, AZ the weather is FINALLY turning into winter weather (who knows how long this will last.) Us”zonies” love this cooler weather- so we say- yet we end up complaining how cold it is when it is actually here haha. Typical if you were born an raised here (guilty)

I noticed this week my son; Asher’s skin has been super dry- it’s also eczema season! Thank god he doesn’t get it too bad and a simple lotion every night lotion clears him right up!

Me, on the other hand, I struggle keeping my face moist. It never fails every year to get dry. Finally, after using SOO many different expensive day and night creams I did some research and with some trial and error I finally found my cure! Hope it can help you too.

——->Vitamin E gel capsules

Yep! Vitamin E! It works wonders!- Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin. EVEN if you have that “sensitive” skin that is prone to breakouts-it still works! You can get vitamin E caps pretty much anywhere and they are inexpensive.

My routine:
1. Wash face with gentle cleanser or whatever it is you before bed
2. Use your toner, if you don’t have toner it’s no biggie
3. Break open your vitamin E gel cap and put on problem areas. You will wake up with your skin soooo soft- you have my word! Enjoy!

Here are a few other benefits of Vitamin E: